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Vent server to shut down July 23rd

Cersin, Jul 13, 12 3:15 PM.
The vent server subscription has been cancelled.  The server will shut down on July 23rd.  Feel free to use it between now and then if you want to, however.

RIP Dark Order - Guild Suspended Indefinitely

Cersin, Jul 5, 12 8:47 AM.
Dark Order did not survive the move very well. 

The server move, combined with a recent exodus by most of our active members has led to a failure of Dark Order to thrive on Pot5.  We (Dark and I) have decided to cease guild operations, recruiting, etc. and suspend the guild indefinitely.

Feel free to stay or go as you please from the actual guild structure in-game.  Take what you want from the guild bank.  A couple of us plan to use the guild structure as a storage area for alts.  Some have left for other guilds.  Some have rolled republic toons on Pot5. 

I will be leaving the vent server active for a while at least.  It will likely be closed once I have found my own new guild home for my level 50s.  The website is moving to ad-supported, but I encourage people to stay in touch here on the forums if they want.  I will continue to check in occasionally, as other will also, I am sure.

Thank you to all who made Dark Order a great guild while it lasted. 

May the force be with you.

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